Insurance queries answered by Sanjay Datta, Chief of underwriting, ICICI Lombard
Insurance queries answered by Sanjay Datta, Chief of underwriting, ICICI Lombard

Insurance queries answered by Sanjay Datta, Chief of underwriting, ICICI Lombard

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  • Date 15-08-2020

I am eighty four years previous. i'm diabetic, have undergone hip replacement and by-pass surgery. My mate is seventy three years previous and has no health complaints. we have a tendency to square measure searching for a high-value insurance at high premium. Kindly recommend Associate in Nursing insurance firm and therefore the best plans offered.

In your case, considering your age, your diabetic condition and only if you've got undergone hip replacement and by-pass surgery, it should be tough for you to go looking for insurance.

You may got to get involved with few insurance corporations World Health Organization would singly take a choice concerning your insurance proposal in line with their underwriting tips.

With regards to your mate, Associate in Nursing insurance is a lot of possible, although a medical screening report is also needed taking her age into thought.

In terms of the insurance firm, you'll be able to approach any insurance firm that gives plans for senior voters and accepts proposals with pre-existing diseases as applicable in your case .

I have a family floater from a public sector insurance firm of Rs three large integer. My mother aged eighty two was hospitalised in unit. The insurance underwriter subtracted claims payout and paid solely forty fifth of the quantity sanctioned to American state. ought to we have a tendency to proceed to shopper forum within the matter?

In this case, i'd advise that you just initial bear the policy terms and conditions another time well to grasp the rationale for the deduction.

Your insurance arrange might have co-pay or sub-limit choice intrinsic  within the arrange.

You may even have claimed for expenses from the non-payable list of things which might are subtracted by the insurance underwriter whereas sinking the claim.

In case these conditions aren't applicable for you, I recommend that you just get a clarification from your insurance firm.

If you are doing not get a satisfactory response from your insurance underwriter, you'll be able to then contemplate taking additional course of action.

I am a twenty nine year-old woman from Noida. i would like to shop for a insurance. Please recommend American state what arrange to purchase. I pays premium of Rs four,000-Rs 6,000 annually.

It is prudent on your half to be considering shopping for a insurance policy at a young age.

With the rise in incidence of manner diseases and many-sided responsibilities, medical exigencies will strike North American nation at any age.

Having a insurance policy is each possible and useful as after you compare the price of treatment and premium you've got to procure the policy once a year.
The latter is a smaller amount than the previous. i'd recommend that you just prefer a comprehensive insurance arrange.
Given your age group, a comprehensive insurance policy with total insured of Rs four large integer would total to a premium of regarding Rs half dozen,000.
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